Hotel Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the incidentals at the hotel each night?

The incidentials at the hotel are $50 per day for the conference attendees who reserve rooms under the conference link.

When I reserve my room, am I required to pay a deposit?

Yes. The first-night deposit is due at the time of reserving rooms. The amount will be $199 plus taxes and fees. If paying by institutional check, contact the hotel for further instructions.

How much is the parking at the hotel?

The parking at the hotel is $5.00 a day for self-parking for the individuals who reserve rooms under the conference link ONLY. Valet is available. Each attendee is encouraged to follow their institution or agency's guidelines for valet parking.

If I book my room through the hotel site or a 3rd party and do not use the link for the conference hotel, am I provided the same amenities and perks as the guests that reserved rooms under the hotel link?

Only the individuals who book under the conference hotel link will be provided with the amenities and perks with the agreed-upon contract. Individuals that book directly through the hotel's website or a 3rd party will not be able to receive the discounted amount for parking, incidentals, or any other agreed-upon amenity for our conference hotel guests.

What is the last day to reserve a room under the conference hotel block?

The last day is February 28, 2023. It is encouraged that attendees make their reservations as soon as possible. Once the room block is full, the attendees will be responsible for their own lodging. To make reservations by phone, call (800) 876 – 0010 Option 3 for the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort. They will need to identify themselves as attendees of TRIO Tri-State Conference and use the following SRP code: TSC. To make reservations online, go to:

Does the hotel take institutional checks?

Yes. However, arrangements must be made with the hotel and the business or institution. Checks will need to be sent at least 30 days before arrival. It is strongly encouraged that the conversation is documented. FL TRIO, GA TRIO, and SC TRIO associations are not responsible for the business functions of the individual TRIO programs or TRIO program personnel. 

Are there affordable restaurants on-site or nearby?

Yes. The hotel provides six options for dining on the property. Click here for more information.

2023 Tentative Agenda

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